5 Ways to Spice Up A Corporate Event

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5 Ways to Spice Up A Corporate Event

Corporate events, or any event for that matter, are always interesting and exciting, that is until planning and organizing fall squarely on your shoulders. It’s all fun and games until the stress of putting the pieces together takes its toll. 

Here are more ways to take your corporate event to the next level.

  1. Food, food, and more food

Everyone likes food, and a good menu is a great way to increase your event’s attendance and keep people engaged and mingling throughout the night. Mix up your menu with passed hors d’oeuvres, staggered buffet tables or even some local food trucks. Avoiding a sit down meal means more opportunities for employees and clients to mingle, network and socialize. 

  1. Live Music

A live band is an excellent way to pump up the crowd, setting the tone for an enjoyable evening. Depending on the type of event you are throwing, you can hire a DJ, a jazz quartet or a full rock band. Make sure the music allows for engaging conversation between your guests while still keeping the mood festive. 

  1. Hire Models For Event Engagement

Another creative way to keep things fun and interesting is by hiring models for event engagement. Bringing in a promo model is proven to boost the sheer number of leads for a company. 

A promo model can engage your guests leading to more memorable advertising. Promo models are highly educated individuals who can present products or services intelligently and fluently. If your event is all about letting people know about your products, this is the route that you should take.

  1. Keep it Mysterious

While it’s good to let your guests know what to expect, introducing a touch of mystery isn’t too bad either. Perhaps you could bring in a surprise guest, or premiere a new product just for the occasion. You could have a secret themed menu or give each guest a surprise gift. Whatever you decide to do, keep it tied to your company with branding that will remind your guests of how much fun they had at your event. 

  1. Make The Event Interactive

Aside from hiring promo and event models, another way to keep guests engaged when having sponsored products or services at the event is to make them interactive. Why not let the guests try the products themselves in front of everyone? Include live demos, samples and opportunities


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