3 Reasons to Use Professional On Camera Talent

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1. Your Video Calls for a Spokesperson

If you have a spokesperson or host on camera for an extended period of time, you’ll generally want to use professional talent. In these cases, you’re more than likely working off of a script with lengthy blocks of copy.

Professionals can do this stuff in their sleep and it comes across completely natural. You more than likely won’t get that with Mike, the outgoing sales guy on your staff, who’s always so smooth in social settings.

Why? Because it’s amazing what can happen to people once they’re put in front of a camera, under lights, in front of a crew, and there’s the pressure of performing with the clock ticking.

I’ve seen this happen too many times to count, where a person’s natural effervescence completely vanishes when the lens is on them. And that inability to look natural on camera can get expensive.

While a professional actor can knock it out of the park in a couple of takes, the non-professional will invariably take much longer.

That said, there will always be the exception to the rule. Maybe you’re that person who’s simply a natural on camera. If that’s the case, great! You’ve just saved yourself a ton of money by being able to do all of your own on-camera gigs.

2. Your Video Has Characters

If you’re shooting a video that has a storyline complete with characters, you’ll want to pay extra money for professional talent.

 An actor will make you forget that you’re watching people act. You simply buy into their characterization – you don’t see the mechanism at work. The moment the viewer begins noticing “acting” they are taken out of the moment, and that kills your video

3. Employees Leave

You’ve just spent your hard-earned money producing a video using several of your employees on camera, and one month after you roll it out, one or two of those employees leave your company.

 Do you still keep them in the video? What if they took a job with a competitor?

 If you replace them, you’ll have to pay for another video crew to come out and shoot again. This is often a challenge if you use in-house talent.

 With professional talent, you’ve paid for their services and they’re not going anywhere. It gives your video a longer shelf life, which in turn, saves you money.

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