As an exhibitor, you want to attract the attendees to your booth and keep them there to get to know your brand better.

Our Booth Models and Staff bring significant value to your booth. They magnify awareness of your brand during the show while maximizing your engagement time.

We provide vibrant, beautiful, and intelligent staff who will genuinely engage with your attendees, amplify your message, generate traffic, and produce substantial leads.

You have rented expensive real estate at an exhibition, and you will need an expert team to work with you – listening, understanding, and helping you create one-to-one interactions that will build your brand and accomplish your objectives. Why settle for less?

At JM Presentations Plus, we provide booth models and staff that create experiences – experiences that will help you connect with your audience, tell your story, and deliver the results that you need. Here is what you can get.

*Don’t see what you want? Let us know what you need!