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JM Presentations Plus is a specialized elite trade show & corporate event talent agency offering exclusive talent services for our discerning clients. We provide ala cart talent & staffing services custom-tailored for trade shows, conventions, expos, conferences, corporate events, and production companies.
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The Value of Promotional Models for Events 

Partnering with a promotional model agency for your event can breathe life into your brand. More than just a display, promo models lend a human face to brands, while ensuring that clients and customers are engaged in meaningful ways. Any business that takes event marketing seriously can expand their reach with the help of a promotional model agency that provides fresh, professional talent. 

Nowadays, a promo model does much more than just stand in a booth and look good. Instead, they act as a valuable part of your marketing team. They think on their feet, have ample knowledge of the product or service, are always prepared to ask questions, and are an essential part of engaging with a business’s ideal audience. And, because they’re trained to carry all of this effortlessly, they’re the best person for the job! 

Whether you have a trade show or exhibition coming up, or you’re simply wondering if you could ever benefit from the presence of a professional promo model, here’s how working with an agency can improve your experience. 

Increasing Brand Awareness and Generating Leads 

A marketing team at a trade show will typically carry out demonstrations and, if they’re lucky, close a few deals and qualify leads at a booth. Since these teams are often small, they may not be able to simultaneously get the attention of passers-by, pique their interest or have lengthier conversations with them. They also might not have the time to collect contact details or distribute promotional materials. This means that although your marketing team may be very efficient in performing their designated roles, they still miss out on a number of opportunities to reach a wider audience. 

Promotional models are the perfect people to rely on to fill these kinds of gaps. In this way, they greatly increase your reach at events, ensuring that your business gets the most out of the experience. 

Humans Connect with Humans 

No matter how well established your brand is, it will always need a ‘human face’ for people to relate to. Every product or service you offer is designed to benefit other human beings. That’s why it is critical to have a person who is not only visibly associated with your offering, but understands it, can demonstrate it, and is willing to engage in conversation about it. 

Promotional modeling allows customers to envision a product that means something to someone and can, therefore, add value to their own lives. Promo models humanize your brand, which is a great way to connect with new prospects. 

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